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Zartex Fabrics Corporation specializes in the design and weaving of superior quality jacquard and plain fabrics. We feature a large variety of confined patterns that are ideal for apparel, ribbons, table linens, Christmas and other holiday fabrics, throw pillows, tuxedo satin and accessories, display, handbags and ladies dress shoes.

Zartex Fabrics was founded in 1989 by Sheldon Zaretzky, a textile engineer and fabric designer with over 35 years experience in the textile industry. Mr. Zaretzky is still at the helm of the company and oversees the design of all new patterns, the customization of existing designs, and all weaving.

Please note that the fabrics presented here represent a small cross section of more than 2000 fabrics that are available for weaving.

Zartex Fabrics Corporation
347 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1212
New York, NY, 10016
Phone: 212.889.3589